Vision, Mission & Values


To Produce and Dispatch 3 million tons of cement per annum.


LCC is the biggest producer of Quality Portland Cements in Eastern Libya. We will maintain this position and achieve our Vision by following our Corporate Principles so that we can create value for our Shareholders and other Stakeholders.


Working Together to Maximize Our Outputs

  • We continuously do our best to reach the maximum output in all our tasks by working and cooperating closely with each other.

Transfer of Knowledge and Know-how

  • Knowledge is the possession and understanding of information. Know-how is the skill and ability to apply and use this information.
  • A healthy organization is a learning organization.
  • We should all build into our daily routines the opportunities to learn and try new things, and to teach and help our colleagues.

Customer Concept

  • The Customer Concept is the idea that all of us can identify a “customer” who depends on us or on our work so they can do their job.
  • We need to get to know our customers and their needs and wants. With this understanding we can then find ways to do things even better for them.


  • Building good relationships with our Stakeholders is important for our Company. We will always work hard to maintain these relationships through regular communications and open channels.
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