Al Fataiah Plant (ALF)

Construction of the Al Fataiah factory commenced in 1979 and commissioning was completed in 1984. The Plant consists of 2 complete identical production lines, built and designed by Mitshbushi Co of Japan. The total annual capacity for the 2 production lines is 1 M tons of cement.

The plant has the following main equipment times two:

  • Limestone Crusher 500 tpd; Clay crusher 300 tph; Gypsum Crusher 55 tph
  • Raw Mill (ball) 140 tph
  • Kiln with satellite coolers 1500 tpd clinker
  • Cement Mill (ball) 95 tph cement
  • Dispatch 4 * rotary packers with approx. 120 tph capacity

ALF recent events

The Al Fataiah Factory was able to continue operating throughout the entire war period (2011-2018), despite the front lines coming to within 5 kms of the factory at times. This is a tribute to the ingenuity of the local workforce who managed to find solutions to the many problems experienced. These included shortages of materials, supplies and spare parts and significant road closures preventing many personnel from accessing the factory.

The primary limiting factor though was the availability of reliable electricity, and so the factory operated at only 50% capacity throughout the period. This is set to change in 2019, with the plan for overhauling and recommissioning Kiln B in full progress and the increasing reliability of the electricity generating and transmission service.

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