BEN & HAW Quarry

The limestone quarry is located within the plant area approx. 800m from the storage halls. The quarry land owned by LCC shows a very smooth, gentle slope from east to west, which drops off more rapidly in the west where a silicified crust at the top of the limestone sequence is outcropping. This outcrop forms a conspicuous escarpment in the field. From the cross-section it becomes evident that the red clay increases in thickness from west to east. The red clay is underlain by thick limestone deposit. This limestone can be subdivided into a 1-3m thick silicified calcarenitic crust at the top and relatively soft and porous chalky layer of limestone at the bottom, which is at least 30-40m thick. The apparent specific weight of this chalky limestone has been determined as approximately 2.0 t/m3.
The clay quarry is located approx 1.2 km from the plant site.

Iron ore is supplied from the Misurata steel works, located approx. 800 km from the plant, and an iron ore mine at Wadi Shaati around 1’100 km distance.

Gypsum is sourced from distant quarry (located at quarries in Al Marj area, around 100 km from the Benghazi site).

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