Benghazi Plant

Benghazi Plant was built in three phases since 1960. Kiln lines are early Wedag/KHD design.

  • Line BEN1 – 1965 – (out of operation since 1980)
  • Line BEN2 – 1975, 820tpd of clinker (real capacity), in operation
  • Line BEN3 – 1978, upgraded in 2010, 1350 tpd (real capacity) (out of operation since 2014).
  • All these lines are somehow interconnected and using common areas and even some common equipment.

BEN 2 Lines Brief Description

  • Separate limestone and clay crushers
  • Storage hall for crushed limestone and clay homogenization. Local control
  • Raw mill – ball mill with 1st generation separator. Local control. New baghouse filter from 2010.
  • Homosilos – batch type
  • Preheater – 4-stage preheater without precalcination, no by-pass
  • Kiln, gas fired. Local control
  • Clinker cooler – reciprocating cooler IKN from 2005 with roller crusher (old cooler was replaced), dedusting using multicyclones
  • Cement mill – ball mill with 1st generation separator, baghouse filter, and pneumatic transport of cement to silos. Local control
  • Dispatch – common for both Ben lines. Bulk and bags. Bags – manual loading.
  • Line capacity (standard reachable) – 820 tpd clinker

BEN 3 Lines Brief Description

  • Originally line nearly identical with Ben 2
  • Upgrade done in 2010. Main changes:
    • Central control room for the line, but “island” control of many areas stayed (e.g. cooler control system)
    • Preheater modification – 4-stage-preheater with precalcination
    • New kiln drive
    • Clinker cooler baghouse filter
    • Line capacity (standard reachable) – 1350 tpd clinker
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