Announcement for Employees of the Libyan Cement Company

On Thursday, 2/8/2018, the company received the nominal certificates of ownership of the free shares granted to the employees of the Libyan cement company based on the contract of transfer of ownership No. 46 for the year 2007 which represents 330 shares and a total value of 3,300 dinars (three thousand three hundred dinars) per employee In accordance with the records approved on 31/12/2006 by the General Authority for Investment Promotion and Privatization in accordance with their letter No. 297/2018 dated 31/07/2018.

As we inform you of this, we are pleased to extend our thanks and appreciation to the General Authority for Investment Promotion the Eastern Region who have continued well and effectively to achieve this task with the General Administration of the Authority in Tripoli and with the management of the Libyan Cement Company. We also mention the CEO and the General Manager of Human Resources of the Company, the managers and ALF union to complete this work and certification.

The management of the company has been assigned on the basis of a letter from the Authority to hand over these certificates to the beneficiaries of the employees and to provide the Authority with the receipt of receiving in the next few days with the wishes of the management of the company for all to succeed and continue to intensify efforts with the relevant authorities to complete the rest of the ratio Allocated according to the context to be followed with those competent authorities.

Regards & Best Wishes,
Libyan Cement Co. – LCC

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