LCC announces contract to purchase clinker from Ahlia Cement Company in West Libya

After of months of negotiations LCC has been able to secure a 1 year supply of approx 500,000 tons of clinker from the Ahlia Cement Group’s Zliten factory.
Clinker is an intermediate product in the cement manufacturing process. It is what comes out of the Kilns, and is a hard dark grey granular material. Clinker is then fed into huge grinding mills and other components are added to produce the familiar powder known as portlant cement.
This is another major step in re-starting operations in the Benghazi factories.
We focused on repairing the Benghazi Cement Mills first, and now we can immediately use them to produce cement. While we are doing this we will continue with the Kiln repairs. By the way, this clinker can also be used in ALF to supplement their own clinker production.
The clinker is not cheap and it has to be transported by truck some 800 kms to reach Benghazi and 1,200 kms to reach AlFataiah. Then it has to be ground into cement and packed. The operation just barely covers variable costs and so there is little profit, but the Directors of LCC believe having locally produced cement available is more important in the current circumstances than huge profits.

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