LCC Employee Salaries

Mr Ahmed Ben Halim, Chairman of the Joint Libyan Cement Company, welcomes and congratulates the Interim Government for its decision to continue paying minimum salaries to the employees of the Libyan Cement Company.

Mr Ben Halim also thanked the members of the Human Resources Department; Mr Jademola ElAwami and Mr Fahmy Elabar, for their vigorous efforts in lobbying the government to continue this humanitarian service.

We are advised that the next 2 months salary is in the preparation process and should be issued soon, he said.

He went on to say that LCC Management has been directed to give full priority to getting the Benghazi factories back in operation. He also acknowledged that this would not be a quick or simple exercise due to the major damage suffered in these factories during fighting last year.

He urged all parties to have patience and to cooperate with the management in the best interest of all.

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