LCC INC. convenes the 10th Extended Management Meeting

Upon the invitation of the LCC chairman and CEO The 10th extended management meeting was convened in Tibeisy hotel, Thursday 11th of July. The meeting as always aims to open channels of discussion between upper and middle management to insure that the knowledge and information is shared with all LCC personnel. And in this sense the meeting was successful.

The theme of this meeting was to bring all LCC employees up to speed through the acknowledgement of middle management of where the company stands today and also focusing on subjects that relates directly to employees and their day-to-day work.

The meeting began with a word by the CM & CEO thanking all attendees for their participation and asserting that the purpose of this meeting is to provide 2-way communication between senior and broader management community of LCC. He also gave a brief review for the performance of 2019 1st H and the challenges facing the company and areas of where we all need to improve ourselves.

Towards the end of his presentation the CEO reminded the audience of our vision mission and principles. Finally he thanked the attendants for their attention.

Second. The HR gave a presentation introducing new procedures and regulations, where it explained the new performance appraisal system, time & attendance policy, and benefits & compensation overview. Our aim is to produce 3MT per annum the HR GM firmly said at the end of his speech.

The H&S took part in the enlightenment of the audience as well. By announcing new safety procedures such as Electrical isolation and incident reporting. The H&S manager requested the management to insure employees compliance with procedures in order to achieve a safe work environment.

The QC Dept. presented to the attendees the importance of the QA process resurrection and the significance of obtaining the ISO 9001.

Finally. The meeting was scheduled to finish with a Q&A section which resulted in a fruitful discussion, many questions was risen by attendants and in-turn the management made its effort to clarify and reply. The CEO stated that senior management withdrew important feedback from these discussions as well and thanked again the attendees.

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