Our Plan to Increase Capacity

The programme will increase the production capacity of the Company from 2.3 Million tons of cement per year to over 3.3 Million tons of cement per year. In summary the project consists of the following components:

  1. Replace the Pyro-processing (kiln) units of BEN 2 and BEN 3 production lines with a new single pyro-processing line which we are calling BEN 4. The existing Cement Grinding and Packing and Despatch units will be retained as is. This component will be completed and commissioned in Q1 2021.
  2. In an interim step BEN 2 kiln component will be re-activated as a quick and temporary measure to provide cement for sale out of the Benghazi Factories. It will also provide much needed employment for many LCC personnel. Once BEN 4 is commissioned, BEN 2 will be closed down. BEN 2 will be operational in Q1 2019 and permanently shut-down in Q1 2021.
  3. Re-start HAW 1 production line, with some upgrading of the electrical distribution system and the automation and control systems. These were heavily damaged during the fighting and need to be fully replaced with the modern equivalents. The plan is for HAW 1 to be back in operation in the latter part of Q2 2019.
  4. In the meantime, HAW 2 production line will be fully upgraded from a daily capacity of 1250 tons clinker to 1800 tons clinker. This involves replacing the cooler, upgrading the pre-heater tower with new cyclones and a calciner and modifying the raw grinding circuit. The fully upgraded HAW 2 is scheduled to commence operation in Q2 2020.
  5. When HAW 2 upgrade is finished and operating, we will shut-down HAW 1 and do the same upgrade as for HAW 2. The fully upgraded HAW 1 is scheduled to commence operation in Q1 2021.
  6. Re-instate Kiln B in ALF back into operation. It requires a complete re-furbishment (many parts have been taken from it to keep Kiln A in operation), including repairs to Pier 1 and a kiln re-alignment. This work is scheduled for Q1 2019 and will be re-commissioned in April/May 2019.

Timeline Chart

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