LCC is one of the pillars of the industry in Libya and has greatly contributed throughout the year to the construction and implementation of many major projects across the country, such as housing projects, state projects, and the great industrial river. These projects have helped improve the lives of Libyans

In line with its social responsibility, LCC has continuously supported the community, especially in post-revolution times, by supporting government authorities and organizations and partnering with local and international non-governmental organizations to enhance the well-being of the community

Despite the challenging circumstances currently faced, LCC remains committed to its environment and surroundings by sponsoring major events and donating to disadvantaged parties

In 2022/2023, the company plans to launch a tree nursery project in its quarries with the assistance of local civil communities, primarily recruiting young volunteers from schools and universities to raise awareness of the benefits of green spaces and their impact on desertification prevention and the improvement of the region’s environment