Health and safety

Studies indicate that the vast majority of workplace accidents, injuries, or incidents are related to not following important health and safety rules

That’s why we not only establish a set of rules but also ask all employees to follow safe work practices, comply with safety rules and systems, work in a way that meets the high standards we have set

Golden rules for the Libyan Cement Company

  • Comply with laws, regulations, and rules
  • Intervene regarding unsafe conditions and behaviors
  • Respect everyone and neighbors

Life-Saving rules for the Libyan Cement Company

Ensure isolation before starting work and use appropriate protective equipment

Ensure work through a valid work permit if required

Ensure authorization before entering confined spaces

Protect yourself from falling when working at heights

Ensure you wear your safety belt

Ensure authorization before bypassing or disabling critical safety equipment

No alcohol or drugs are allowed during work or driving

Avoid walking under a suspended load

While driving, do not use your phone and do not exceed the speed limit

Avoid smoking inside offices, buildings and vehicles