Al Fataiah plant - Derna

Al Fataiah cement plant is one of the Libyan Cement Company’s plants located in the Al Fataiah area on the outskirts of Derna city. The plant was established in collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

The supply of materials, equipment and machinery began in 1981 and actual production started in January 1984 when the first shipment of cement was produced

The plant has two production lines with a design production capacity of 1 mtons annually, making it one of the largest plants in Libya

Plant upgrades

The following major developments and investments were executed during the years 2006-2008

Replacement of main electrostatic precipitators with fabric precipitators and installation of a more efficient filtration system to improve production quality and reduce harmful emissions

Implementation of substantial reforms for heat exchanger stages to enhance production efficiency and reduce energy costs

Installation of planetary clinker coolers for the kilns to enhance production efficiency and reduce fuel consumption

Plant expansion

The Libyan Cement Company constantly seeks to improve the quality of its products and increase production to meet the needs of the local and regional markets

Its plants are examples of quality and efficiency in cement production, meeting customer expectations