LCC academy

Benghazi – Oct 19th 2023

Driven by the company’s self commitment and social responsibility to create job opportunities for young Libyans and well equipping them for their professional carriers in a thriving industry in one of the pillars of the industry in the country

The LCC academy was launched in Mar 2022 recruiting 23 fresh graduates with different backgrounds to get trained by experts in the industry with extensive experience on state of the art technology and industry latest practices. The training begun with soft skills training to prepare them for managerial roles as well as other administrative day-to-day tasks. The academy proven to be nothing far from success

The academy participants are occupying various positions in the company from Technical to sales depts some of them are taking leading roles the company management was compelled to launch a 2nd round of recruitment to hire 30 more fresh grads to infuse new blood, bringing with them new ideas, energy and even new visions into the company preserving the grounds withheld for over 5 decades as the largest private company to build Libya of tomorrow

World day for safety and health at work

Benghazi & Al Fataiah – Apr 28th 2023

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) observes its World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28 each year. We fully support the ILO’s promotion of this day, and continue to help raise awareness and seek the prevention of work-related accidents and ill health around the world

LCC had conducted this event at ALF plant on 27th Apr 2023, the date was changed due to a Friday came on 28th

LCC aids to Derna

Al Fataiah – Oct 2023

Following the catastrophic flooding that displaced and killed thousands of families in the city of Derna, the LCC initiated and deployed an emergency aid convoy with Core relief items, and H&S equipment for the rescuing teams on the ground to support the LCC colleagues, families and victims of the floods

The company has also provided cement to cemeteries and financed the preparations for a new cemetery in the city to accommodate the mass death tool and unfortunate loss of thousands of lives

LCC CEO and senior managers visiting plant’s teams in Al Fataiah

Al Fataiah – Oct 25th – 2023

LCC CEO and his team visiting Al Fataiah plant’s team

To check the production performance and to support all teams initiatives. It was also a good opportunity to thank everyone for the efforts made, specially regarding the tragedy in Derna

LCC participation in the first economic exhibition of Benghazi – 2023

As a largest private cement company in Libya, LCC could not but to be here in the Libyan Industrial first Exhibition, meeting partners, experts and over all, our B2B customers.
According Oct-23 IMF report, Libya is among the top 10 of fastest growing economies in 2024, with 7,5% of growing rate. So many opportunities ahead …

World Day of Health and Safety at Work 2024

Benghazi – Apr 28th – 2024

Believing in the principle of safety first, health and safety is one of the top priorities of LCC Libyan Cement Company, top management seeks to ensure the provision of a healthy and safe work environment for workers as much as possible in all departments, and to prevent accidents, work injuries and health effects related to work, by reducing the causes of these risks in the work environment to the maximum extent possible

The company is also keen to raise awareness in the field of occupational safety and health among employees in general, in order to build a positive occupational safety and health culture and link it to the outputs of the production process in terms of cost, returns and productivity


LCC works on developing regulations, systems and procedures for health and safety in line with the continuous industrial developments.

The efforts made by H&S Department and the response of all departments to the company’s safety guidelines have contributed to reaching this unprecedented achievement at the level of the Libyan Cement Company”, this was the speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LCC on Sunday morning, April 28th, 2024, during the celebration of World Day of Health and Safety at Work 2024 at BEN which was titled “Adhere to safety rules because your family is waiting for your safe return In addition, the occasion of working for more than a year in Benghazi factories without serious injuries “One year LTI free” was celebrated, and retired employees were honored during the year 2023/2024